Sunday, March 29, 2009

Easter and more

We had a great Easter Sunday yesterday. Just hanging out with the family is always so much fun.

Here's Brecken and Jagger in their matching Easter outfits. They looked so cute!

Looking for eggs

cutie cousin!
A couple weeks ago a friend of mine took some pictures of Brecken and Jagger. They turned out so cute, I had a hard time picking out which ones to post because I love them all! Thanks Tauna.

Brecken loved this cute car she had, he would have played in it all day.

He loves posing for the camera

What a cutie!

It looks like Brecken is being really soft and gentle in this picture but is was taken right after he smacked Jagger on the head. He is actually doing pretty good with Jagger though for the most part, he loves to give him kisses.
Checking out the belly button

Look at that face, he sure knows how to cover his mischieve with that smile.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

What a month!

Well this has been one hectic month for us, we have had lots going on. Christmas was great! We all had such a good time ( i know its Feb. but i'll just show a couple cute pics)

Here's Brecken playing with one of his many toy's he got. He is so spoiled about 1/2 of all the presents under our tree were for him!

Little polar bear!
Brecken turned the big ONE on Jan. 19th! I cant believe it, he is officially not a baby anymore:-( (My sister made me put that sad face symbol!)

Opening presents on the big day

After eating a cupcake-yum
Brecken LOVES the park!
His favorite thing is to go down the slides

We have so much fun together

Brecken got his very first hair cut. Here he is showing it off (future male model)
He screamed the entire time, it was actually really sad

On Tuesday at 3:26 a.m Jamie gave birth to her adorable little baby boy Jagger! Jamie did so good she is one tough girl, we are all so proud of you Jamie, and love you both so much!
(Doesn't she look beautiful! I try hard to forget what I looked like right after I had Brecken)

Jagger and his Daddy. Daniel is so cute with him, he is a great dad!

He is adorable, i just love him
I forgot how small newborns are, Brecken looks huge compared to him. Brecken has not been able to get too close to him yet because all he wants to do is grab him, but I know they are going to be best buddies.

What an angel!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

O Christmas Tree!

Last week my family finally did our annual shopping trip for a Christmas tree! Here's my dad, Traci and Brecken.
Grandma and Brecken
Jamie and Daniel
Brecken got his first driving lesson thanks to Daniel!
Here's Brecken helping us decorate

When I say decorate I really mean eat the ornaments!
And trying to eat the berries!

After getting in one too many ornaments we had to put a gate up
I am so excited for Christmas this year, I dont know if it's because I have a baby now or what but I cannot wait!

Brecken just loves his Santa Clause toy, he carries it all around the house sucking on it
Last Friday I took him to get pictures with Santa. While all the other kids were crying and scared he was just smiling the whole time and most of the pictures were of him looking up at Santa. He did such a great job.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Fun weekend!

We had a great Thanksgiving this last weekend. We had all the Dell family over at my parents house for dinner. Brecken loved all the attention he gets from all the relatives, he was a happy baby.

Then on Saturday night Traci, Brecken and I went to see the temple lights. Its probably my favorite thing to do this time of year, It really gets you into the Christmas spirit.

It was finally cold enough to put Brecken into his cute winter clothes. I have been waiting a year for him to be able to wear this super cute jacket! (Thanks Nat!)
Here's Brecken posing in his santa hat. He makes the best faces. Women would kill for those eyebrows!
The most exciting thing about this weekend though was that Brecken started walking! He is only 10 months old and for the last few weeks he would take a step or two but then fall. But now he will walk across a room or two. My whole family was so excited the first time he did it we were all watching and all started clapping and laughing and he loved the attention, so now anytime he walks he gets so excited and looks to see if anyone is going to praise him for it!
He gets into a lot more trouble now, and he knows it!